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Best Online Betting Offers for New Customers in the UK

The popularity of betting in the United Kingdom cannot be stressed enough. People in Britain love to place bets on just about anything and everything.

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Whether it is sports, entertainment, politics or even the most random of events and incidents, you can be assured that there is a betting club out there which is allowing enthusiastic bettors to put their money on the line for a possible desired outcome.


Top 3 Online Betting Offers in the UK


These are just some of the more common new customer free bets offers. There is obviously a lot more from where those came from. The bookmakers in the UK are incredibly good at coming up with new and innovative ways to keep the punters happy and intrigued.

With that being said, the following are some of the best online betting offers in the UK, and if you are considering streamlining your betting endeavours, it would be a very wise idea to start off with these offers.


1) Bet 365


Bet 365 continues to startle bettors with their incredible offers. They are currently offering a first deposit matched up to £200 and a bonus that can be withdrawn after betting 3x bonus + deposit.

Bet365 UK offer


2) Coral


Coral is offering a more than decent £5 for a £20 free bet. The minimum odds are only 1/5 and the stake is not returned with winnings.

Coral Betting Offer


3) Betway


If you bet £10 in Betway, you will receive £30 free bet. The minimum odds are evens.

Betway Betting Offer for UK


Popularity of Online Betting


The widespread popularity of betting in UK has prompted the rapid growth of the betting industry in the country.

Once seen as an informal activity of amusement for citizens, betting has now become completely commercialized with hundreds and thousands of businesses in the United Kingdom setting up establishments that facilitate all kind of betting for the people.


Online Betting Websites


The growth of the betting industry has not only paved the path for the establishment of brick and mortar betting houses and casinos. As loved as these betting locations are, Britons are looking towards online platforms to fulfil their betting needs.

Bet Online!

Online betting today is just as popular as any other form of betting in the United Kingdom. Some may claim that online betting is the most convenient, simple, reward and reliable form of betting there is in the world, especially when it comes to Britain.

Being a first world country and a powerhouse of economy in the world, majority of the people in the United Kingdom have access to fast and steady internet connection which allows them to frequently visit online gambling, gaming and betting portals.

The betting websites in the United Kingdom are designed specifically to make the visitors feel at ease and introduce beginners to the world of betting.


Betting Offers in the UK


In order to get more and more people interested in online betting and to keep the old visitors invested in betting long after they have first joined in, the betting websites in the United Kingdom release a number of different betting offers periodically.

Each betting offer is more enticing than the previous one and it is these betting offers which make the betting websites in the UK so special and unique.

Widely regarded as some of the best online betting offers in the world, these promotional activities are a great way to keep players engaged and persuade them to further involve themselves in the act of betting or rather the game of betting.


Types of Online Betting Offers


Although the primary purpose of all the betting offers in the UK is to increase the portfolio of customers and visitors of online betting websites, the quality, the nature and effectiveness of betting offers differ quite greatly.

Before you can familiarize yourself with some of the best betting offers in the UK, you need learn about the various types of betting offers in order to decide for yourself which offer will suit your betting requirements the best.

Every betting website has its own way of releasing betting offers and has its own brand of betting offers which is not nearly the same as those offered by other betting websites.

As a beginner in the field of betting, it can be quite perplexing and overwhelming for you to understand the ins and outs of betting, let alone the complexities of the best online betting offers in the UK.

Even though these betting offers are crafted to hook in the attention of the novice bettors, it still takes a certain degree of background research and homework on the general types of betting offers before you can fully understand the usefulness of these betting offers and how to capitalize on them to swell up your betting rewards.

All betting offers can be broadly categorized into two simple groups. The first is the introductory free bets or bonuses. The second category is known as the retention offers.


Introductory Bets/Bonuses


As the name suggests, these bonuses are for those who have little to no experience in betting and are looking to kick start their betting endeavours with a particular betting website. The promotional betting offers are made by the betting website and usually consist of sign up offers and welcome bonuses.

It goes without saying that these offers are not available for the old customers in a website, and is reserved for the newcomers only. Some of these betting offers in the UK or promotions allow you to start off with a completely free bet which lets you get acclimatised to the betting atmosphere of the website.


Retention Offers


The second category of bonuses is the retention offers. These are open to both the newcomers and the old customers, and should serve you well if you have a certain amount of experience in online betting. This category of promotion is incredibly diverse and contains the following kinds of online betting offers and bonuses:


  • a) Cashback/Money Back Specials

  • b) Reload Bonuses

  • c) Product Incentives

  • d) Enhanced Payouts

  • e) Free Bets


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