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Best Online Bookmakers in the UK

The United Kingdom is host to a colossal number of online bookmakers. What’s really amazing about the British collection of online bookmakers is the sheer diversity that is on offer.

With the exception of the below par generic online bookmakers, most of the upper tier online bookmakers in the UK bring something different to the table. The incredible variety enjoyed by the UK bettors makes betting in the UK one of the best experiences that you can go through.

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The state of the art services from the online bookmakers will be a pleasant surprise to any newcomer in the field of online betting who has little to no idea about the best online bookmakers.


5 Best Online Bookmakers You Can Count On


In the list below, you will find a collection of some of the best online bookmakers in the UK. What truly separates these online bookmakers from the others is the level of confidence and trust that they inspire in their consumers.

Their services are highly reliable and you can be assured of earning great profits from your bets as long as you make the right choices and take their advice on how to ace the game of betting.


1) Toals Bookmakers


The best words to describe this online bookmaker extraordinaire would be, “the worldwide leader in betting and online casino games”. This website is not only a big deal in the United Kingdom, but it is adored and admired in multiple places around the world.

If you are going to talk about the best online bookmakers in the global industry, there is now way you can leave out the mention of Toals Bookmakers.

UK is proud to present Toals Bookmakers to the global betting audience and if you are wondering why, then simply head over to their website and find out the reasons for which they are hailed as the very best in the business.

To further solidify its legitimacy, it boasts a staggering 14 million customers in nearly 200 different countries around the world. If that does not impress you as an online bettor, then there is hardly anything in the online betting industry that will.


2) Paddy Power


Paddy Power is a household name in the UK betting scene. With its origins in Ireland, it is per se not a 100% British online bookmaker, but its services are widely available in the UK and it has become a very important part of the UK betting community as mentioned before.

PaddyPower online bookmaker

What makes Paddy Power better than majority of the online bookmakers is their exception 24 hours customer service.  Their odds may not be as enticing as some of the other online bookmakers in the list, but their service pretty much makes up for it.


3) Sportingbet


Launched in 1998, Sportingbet is an iconic figure in the world of online betting in the UK.

Sportingbet - online bookmaker

Ever since inception, Sportingbet has been dubbed as one of the pioneer online bookmakers in the UK, and in the years that followed, they have made life great for bettors in the kingdom with their endless series of bonuses, superb odds and a vast variety of markets on every single game.


4) Ladbrokes


Founded in the year 1886, Ladbrokes has a rich history of being one of the best betting establishments in the UK. They have carried their reputation in the streets to online platforms, and are now regarded as one of the best online bookmakers not only in the UK, but in the world.

Ladbrokes Online Bookmaker

It has an incredible collection of online sportsbook operations in addition to the exciting online casino games, skill games, online bingo and online poker that it provides. People choose Ladbrokes mostly because of the alluring odds they provide as well as their dedicated customer care which is exemplary to say the least.


5) Unibet


The fact that Unibet is the official betting partner of EGBA speaks volumes about the stature and the reputation of this online bookmaker.

Unibet UK Bookmaker

You can find a myriad of different sports on which you can bet in their website, and their welcome bonuses are as generous as they come. If you want to be a victor in the world of online betting, Unibet is the online bookmaker you can trust.


Mediocrity among Online Bookmakers


When businesses thrive in great numbers, you can expect a certain degree of mediocrity in the industry. The online bookmakers in the UK are not all great. There are plenty of them that cannot be considered even good let alone recommended for new bettors.

If you are trying to get started with online betting, it’s your job to dig up information on the best online bookmakers, compare them and come to a conclusion on which online bookmaker is the best for you. Judging and assessing online bookmakers is highly subjective.

An online bookmaker that works well for you, may not work well for a friend or a family member of yours. This is perhaps the beauty of the impeccable diversity in the British online bookmaker’s industry.

You can never predict the kind of services that they will offer you and unless you subscribe to these betting services, it is quite hard to state whether they are good or not.


State of the Art Online Bookmakers in the UK


The number of mediocre online bookmakers takes nothing away from the high industry standards that are maintained by the torchbearers in the online betting community. With a little bit of web browsing, you are likely to come across a number of different online bookmakers in the UK that can be considered as crème of the crop.

Commonly referred to as bookies, these online bookmakers offer perfect service, great odds and fast pay-outs. They differ from the common bookmakers in the sense that they do not enforce unnecessary fees or restrictions on your betting activities and there are hardly any delays or long waiting times for your pay-outs of the profits that you have earned.

Another way in which they assert their superiority over the generic online bookmakers is by providing state of the art customer support, a host of technologically advanced features and free betting advice, tips, tricks and techniques for the newcomers who are yet to familiarize themselves with the art of earning huge winnings out of bets.


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