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Mobility, suaveness, and convenience, these are few characteristics one may associate with a smartphone. So, there is no wonder when we consider, the tremendous growth of mobile casino and betting industry parallels with the flourish of smart devices.

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If you are quite fond of gambling via an eminent site like Bet Daq or Odds Checker, you must download the app offered by any of them to experience the fluidity that comes with mobile betting.

There is a large section of first-time bettors, who is quite concerned segregating the truth from the hype, surrounding the mobile betting domain. If you are one among them, then the following points will surely enlighten you to decide by yourself, whether mobile betting is authentic or exaggerated.


The Strong R&D is Favoring It


Do you know that mobile betting is likely to capture 40% of market share of online gambling by the year 2018? Don’t think that this is some cooked-up story, as it’s predicted by the data published via Global Online Gambling and Betting Market.

No wonder that a top notch mobile site like Bet Daq can go places with its sleek betting app by that time. So, if you one tough consumer relying solely on stats, this piece of news should satiate your curiosity.

On the other hand, the triple digit figures the mobile betting industry is aiming to achieve within 2018; is another indicator that this market is backed by strong R&D.


Bet Daq


Talking of R&D, one must download and test out the ‘Shake-A-Bet’ app, to realize how far online gambling has come, from the days of smoke filled frenzy of land-based casinos depicted in classics. A first-time bettor will always suffer from the dilemma of how much money to bet, even if he only desires a modest payout.

The ‘Shake-A-Bet’ app by famous online casino William Hill, will sort out the relevant games, based on your initially wager amount and the limit you aim to win. Now isn’t it something worth looking forward in mobile space?


Reputed Casinos Are Offering Mobile Service


In any industry, the pioneering names pull the lion’s share of the consumer base. Mobile betting is no exception. If you are still in the rookie zone of online betting and not sure whether to take this path, rest assured, you will find known brands such as William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Sportingbet in the mobile space.


Bet Daq For App


Do you know that there are multiple operators who reap as high as 40% of their profit share from mobile bets? A USP of online betting has always been the welcome bonus. So, it’s natural for you to think, am I going to get the same benefit from an app? The answer is – yes.

The online bookmakers have facilitated the sign-up bonus offer to the patrons, who registers with them via a mobile device. Whether you have used a desktop, laptop or Mac doesn’t matter. You will find the same environment in the mobile app- including the ease of money transaction, chatting or contacting customer support.


Beware of Some Constraints Too


Do you have any vision problem? Then we will always advise you to stick to a traditional browser, as it will provide you with more convenience in terms of sheer size of buttons as well as the screen.

Also, mobile betting is supremely addictive. Whether you are returning in a metro or sipping a cuppa at road-side eatery and placing a bet via your android phone, you tend to be much less self-aware and sometimes go above board while placing the wager. If your temptation is too much to handle, better keep using your PC.


Bet Daq App


On the other hand, browsing in a PC can give you much more convenience when you are doing your research, before placing a wager.

But do you feel the same level of comfort while going through an intensive research via your phone? If your phone doesn’t allow you to do your homework before line shopping or final betting due to screen size, then mobile gambling is not for you.


It's Advantages Outweighs Cons


But anyway, the advantages of mobile betting outweigh the cons. Are you hooked to live to stream? Then you will feel happy to know that, mobile betting market gleefully offers you the occasion to live bet, while your favorite game of soccer is taking place.

Just downloading the app of a prominent bookmaker like Bet Daq will enlighten you about the avant-garde facility of in-house betting the bookmaker has there.


Bet Daq Mobile


With mobile betting, you have no restriction in terms time and space. You can do it from the washroom, while on-the-go, or under the blanker.

In the initial years of mobile betting, it was quite a feat to lay your hands on a well-downloaded sportsbook account from an app. Not anymore. Among its myriad of advantages, quality sportsbook account is one; that mobile betting brings to you.


But Always Make a Conscious Decision


There is a tremendous craze in the market right now for mobile betting. As a smartphone holder, you must avail yourself of this opportunity no doubt. But don’t go with the flow all the time.

Do you know that there is virtually no difference between the app and mobile website of online casino Bet Daq? So, downloading the Bet Daq mobile app will only clutter your device and nothing more.



You won’t get any extra benefit as a gambler – whether in terms of more bonuses or in-house betting chances. So, what is there left for you to do as a mobile betting enthusiast? The answer lays with – tedious searching and testing the app from one online bookie to another.

It’s quite natural to question the practicality of this process. Why not going to the Google Play store and sort through the listing apps? How much lucrative it may sound but the bitter part is Google doesn’t allow any gambling app to be listed in its play store.

The best part is that an all-purpose site like Sportsbets4free is there, to display gambling apps for iPhone, android devices, as well as Blackberry. There, make a conscious comparison between the app and the mobile site of an online casino.


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