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Golf is one of the most popular games across many countries and continents across the world. It may not be as popular as football, baseball, and basketball in some countries of the world but there are reasons to believe that it has a reasonably large following and it could run into a few million, to say the least.

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While most of the fans follow the Toals Golf for the fun of it and for supporting their best teams and individuals, many thousands do it for some other purpose. They would like to make money out of betting on golf because there is big money involved.


Is It Easy?


While there is no doubt that there is, the money involved, it is not easy to make money because the entire betting system in golf is complicated and there are many parameters and options to be kept in mind.


Golf Betting Tipsters


The onus lies on the bettors and punters to learn the tricks of the trade and take an informed and correct decision. Towards this objective, there is a need to identify suitable golf betting tipsters who would be able to throw right light into the same and ensure that they can make money betting on this wonderful sport.


Areas Where They Could Add Value


There are a few areas where being in touch with these tipsters could help. First and foremost, most of these tipsters are bookmakers, and therefore they have the right kind of information available from various sources.

They can help with the form and current standing of various players and provide the right inputs based on statistical information and the past records of the players.



Further, different players have different strengths and weaknesses. They perform well in certain grounds and circuits while being average in others.

Having this information is also extremely important for bettors and punters. Hence, when one chooses the right golf betting tipsters it certainly will make a world of difference between successful and unsuccessful betting.

Here is a look at some well-known and reputed tipsters who are known to provide the best possible information which is based on facts and figures rather than being based on opinions and half-truths.




Those, who are into online betting would most certainly have some idea about Betfair. They are one of the most reputed and respected online betting service providers. They have over the past many years earned name and fame because of their ability to cover almost all aspects of sports betting.


Golf Betting Tipsters Betfair


They are also known for their experience and expertise as far as betting on golf is concerned. They have one of the widest coverage of various aspects of betting as far as this sport is concerned.

They delve into details about the various events that have been lined up over the past many years. Secondly, they also offer tips on odds of various tournaments, players and they collate the odds from many bookmakers.

They also have a team of their own which does a lot of research and comes out with its own assessment of the various matches, players, and tournaments.


Paddy Power


This is another highly respected and result oriented that covers almost all the leading golfing tournaments across the globe.

Whether it is the Taiwanese Open or the upcoming South African open or the PGA tournaments across the USA you can be sure that you will get the best insights into the various teams, players and they will be able to offer detailed graphical insight into the various decision-making attributes.


Golf Betting Tipsters Paddy Power


They also list down the top-rated players across countries and continents, so, that customers can have reasonably correct and actionable information.

All these and more make them a good name as far as golf betting is concerned. As usual, they also extend the signup bonuses and other such freebies to those who are avid golf bettors and punters.




Another name to be considered seriously is Unibet who have an excellent track record as far as various types of sports betting is concerned. They are particularly very strong as far as golf related betting is concerned.

They have some of the best bookmakers available with them, and they follow the sports extremely close and therefore are always able to beat the others when it comes to predicting odds perfectly.


Golf Betting Tipsters Unibet


They also have earned name and fame for can offer some of the most customer friendly odds which perhaps others may not be able to give. Hence, they could be easily rated as a top-notch golf betting tips provider and have a record which is enviable, to say the least.


William Hill


There are reasons to believe that William Hill is the home of betting and it has stood the test of time when it comes to sports betting.

Hence, it is not very surprising when we hear that they have a highly reliable and proven golf betting facility to offer to their customers. They are now concentrating on the upcoming BMW South African Open to be held from 12th to 15th January 2017.



Additionally, they are also spending quite a bit of time talking about the various players and their prospects as far as the Hawaii tournament is concerned.

Then they have the widest coverage and talk about in detail regarding the upcoming Masters Tournaments, PGA tournaments, Ryder Cup and a host of other such matches. It would not be out of place to mention that they could be referred to as the one stop solution as far as information on golf betting is concerned.




If you are keen on making the best in golf betting, it would be practically impossible to move forward without the help and support of the right golf betting tipsters because of various obstacles and problems along the way. They help in showing the right direction in another confused maze of difficult situations. Hence, identifying a few is a must.


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