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If you are into golf or perhaps even into greyhound racing or racing involving other animals, you certainly will have some understanding of Each Way Bet. This is one of the most common ways of betting and millions of horse racing fans across the world use this means of betting.

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This is because it certainly has a number of benefits and advantages. It allows the bettor to place bets on a number of options and possibilities. Whenever a horse racing takes place, one horse wins the race while other two fight for places. Hence, when once chooses to bet on either of the three options, then he or she is supposed to bet each way.

Therefore, it goes without saying that it enhances the chances of winning some prize money quite significantly. Let us see how it has to be worked on the ground and also find out more about the various bookmakers and their offerings as far as Each Way Betting golf is concerned.


How Does It Work on the Ground?


When you decide to choose this form of betting, you will basically be betting on win and place. Supposed you bet for £20 you will be placing a bet of £10 for the win and the balance £10 for the second and third place.

Hence, even if you do not forecast the winning horse correctly, you still stand to win some money if the horses you have betted comes either 2nd or 3rd.



On the other side if you are able to predict the winner correctly while failing on other bets you still continue to make money. Hence, at the end of the day, it certainly helps you to broaden your winning chances quite significantly.


When and How to Place These Bets?


Now that we know the advantages and benefits of such betting it would be not a bad idea to find out how exactly to place this bet. It is particularly very useful for value runners. If you are confident about the capability of the horse but still not sure whether it will end up coming first in the race, then choosing this form of betting is recommended.

Social racegoers also find this form of betting to be interesting and exciting. It is more about spreading the risk rather than putting all eggs in one basket. At the same time, if the favorite horses you have chosen end up winning, you do not lose out on the opportunity of making big money.


Gathering the Right Information Is Extremely Important


Hence at the end of the day, you must place this bet when you are sure that the horses you have chosen are of the best quality and have a good track record to back them.


Each Way Bet


The jockeys who are handling the horses are also another important attribute which you must always take into account.

It is all about gathering the right information and acting based on knowledge rather than being driven by opinions, hearsays and gut feelings. It is time tested and proven and therefore worth being tried out for avid horse racing enthusiasts.


What Is Each Way Bet Calculator?


To understand this form of betting you also must have a decent understanding of Each Way Bet calculator. This is a simple calculator which will help you to decide on the amount you will be punting for win and places. Today it is available online, and just by filling up the required information you will be able to know the amount that you will have to bet.



The calculator will also inform you about the possible prize earning separately for wins and place and also in totality. Hence, you must visit some good sites and use their Each Way Betting calculators and make the best use of it.


William Hill Each Way Bet Calculator


It is a known fact that William Hill is a big name when it comes to horse racing and therefore it would be interesting to have a closer look at the calculator which they offer. They have the best possible information on various horse races that have been scheduled over the next few days.

Whether it is 15 run, 10 run or 9 runs when you choose this website, you can have a birds’ eye view of the various races, and the calculator can be used to choose the winning bets and place bets.

You can use a combination of your own betting skills along with the different types of information that is provided by William Hill. It will certainly help you to make the right decision based on facts rather than anything else.


Betfair Each Way Bet Calculator


There are many reasons why many players choose Betfair Each Way Betting calculators over others. This is because of a few obvious reasons. First and foremost, they have one of the most comprehensive information and database of all the horses which are taking part in various races over the next few days and months.



Further, they are one of the few websites which help customers with useful and pertinent information which talks about the various things to be kept in mind whenever they decide to choose their Each Way Betting options. 

Hence, there are reasons to believe that they can add a lot of value in terms of credible and quality information for horse racing punters and bettors.


Ladbrokes Each Way Bet Calculator


Many players believe that it makes sense to go in for Ladbrokes Each Way Betting calculator. This is because of a few obvious reasons.


Each Way Bet Calculator


They are known to mix up the various betting options which could help you to earn the best possible long odds. However, there are also some risks involved.

They again are famous for offering the best possible information about the various horses, their odd rates, their winning and place records, their performance in the specific racing venues, information about the jockeys handling them and much more




The above are just a few of the many online sports bookmakers. You will do well to look around the internet and find out a few more reputed service providers and then take a decision.


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