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Betdaq UK: Sports & Casino Mobile App

Betting is a simple, familiar term for almost everyone, requiring no introduction. Some do it as an interest or hobby, whereas some do it to make some good money in the short period of time. The ultimate intention is to win the bet and sports betting have been one of the most famous trend followed by the human race for a very long time.


The Betdaq, best in the market


The Betdaq is a well renowned company, which is one of the top names in the world of sports betting and mobile casino. It has proven to be a boon in the betting on the sports section of the world by being authorized by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission & Government of Gibraltar.

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Being established in the 2000, today Betdaq stands up to be the second largest online betting exchange company in the United Kingdom. Due to the futuristic vision of the Dermot Desmond, the Betdaq UK is the largest betting exchange technology provider in the world.


All major sports on a single platform


Betting has always attracted people towards it and this is the idea behind the development of the Betdaq. The founder of this brand wanted to bring all the fans of a particular sport under one single roof of betting on their favorite sports, whether it was for fun purpose or something other.

In the olden days, people used to bet with their friends & colleagues for the points & scores of their favorite sports. But the internet made it possible to connect the globe and now people can enjoy betting against members all over the world through the Betdaq.

Football is the most famous game all over the world with the biggest fan following for various teams of nationals & football clubs. Every year league, titles & tournaments happen in the field of football. And the fans do bet on their favorite teams, players, scores, goals & cards irrespective of their place.

The Betdaq UK has given them the platform to meet their counterparts, challenge them for bets and win the money in return of winning.

Cricket is the most famous game among the Indians, which is itself the most populous country in the world. Such a huge fan counts for cricket and their love for their betting on favorite event makes the Betdaq as the favorite app of such nationality.

And it’s not just India, but many other parts of the world, where the Betdaq UK is being used to bet on the favorite team’s score, best batsman & the bowlers. Mentioned above are the examples of fans driven sports and the popularity in the betting section on such sports. 

Similarly, horse racing, greyhound racing, golf, tennis, basketball & many more sports are included in the services of the Betdaq. Due to its high end rating among the fans, Betdaq has been also the main sponsor for many mainstream events of various sports.


The difference from the rest!


The Betdaq UK is simply a betting portal on various sports without any extracurricular gaming sections or such. The procedure of the Betdaq is quite simple too, as it just acquires a small commission from the winner’s winning amount of the bet. One can simply join the Betdaq member base and start betting on his/her favorite sport.

All the payments and transactions taking place through the Betdaq are done through trusted, verified & certified payment gateways without any chance of forgery in between. The Betdaq application is available on various platforms of app store & android markets.

The easy to use & understand interface makes it the most popular & famous among the competitors. Simply logging in and going for the option of one’s favorite sports and with an advanced feature of streaming the sports live with betting is also possible.

Whether it is through the app or website, live streaming the sport can be enjoyed without much hassle of betting on the same instance on the particular move & points.


Reaching them is not a difficult task


The customer care of the Betdaq UK is 24x7 available for all its members worldwide for any kind of queries or complaints regarding the services of betting on their favorite sports through Betdaq.

Their presence on various social networking sites & apps can also be simply felt and followed whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram & YouTube. One can simply go through the ‘contact us’ section for further information on contacts.

And before signing up as a member of the Betdaq, one is required to go through all the terms & conditions which are already mentioned clearly on the website & the application itself. The FAQs sections nearly solves and clears all the doubts of the curious fans of the sports who are willing to enjoy the fun of betting on their favorite sports.

Besides providing an excellent platform for fans from all parts of the world to compete in betting on the favorite sports, the Betdaq also ensures that none of their members get addicted to the gambling of money through betting game.

Addiction of anything is dangerous and hence their policies maintain the distance between fun and addiction and maintains the responsible gambling policy under their terms & conditions.


They mean it what they say!


The Betdaq UK has been the finest sports betting brand with an exchange of near about 75M pounds per week across the globe between the members on the basis of bets. Such a huge amount of transaction per week itself expresses that they are serious about sports.

Even after being sold to Ladbrokes in 2013, Betdaq still maintains to find its name highest among the members and the newbies being attracted the betting on the sports industry. As the technology advancement will take place, the Betdaq UK will make amendments to their versions of websites & updates for their apps.

Bringing new services to their members latest to the edition also shows that they are extremely serious about the sports as the fans are.


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