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Betstars: Betting, Online Casino, Mobile App Review

Though there is huge competition in the online casino and gaming world, it still holds out a lot of potentials. Hence, it is not surprising when we see that new players keep coming to the arena almost daily.

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There are many such new entrants who have been able to make an impression quite brilliantly, and Betstars is one such name which is catching the attention of thousands of young players across the country and across the world. It belongs to the famous Pokerstars platform, and, therefore, they focus more on pokers while offering other games too.


Some Basics about Betstars


This is a site that is known for its top-notch quality, and it has caught the imagination and liking of even some experienced punters and gamblers. The platform on which it is run is quite new, and the younger generation has quite a few things praiseworthy about it.




It would, therefore, not be a bad idea to have a closer look at the various features and specialties which are offers to its customers. It will help customers to take an objective view of Betstars and get some idea as to where they are headed over the next few years.

However, going by some existing reviews and based on customer feedback and experiences it is obvious that it has the potentially to become one of the most renowned and preferred sites in the none-too-distant future.


The Best of Signup Offers at Betstars


One of the main reasons why it makes sense to choose this online bookmaker is the quality of bonus offers it gives to its customers. All new customers become automatically entitled to the bonus offers.

All that one should do is to follow the link and show your interest to join. There are some easy and customer friendly steps which must be followed to activate the signup offer.

Once this has been done your account will get credit with the bonus amount, and it will happen within 48 hours. When we look at the terms and conditions will let you know that the free bets are user-friendly and accessible.



The free bets have a validity period of seven days after receipts. There is a well laid down table format which if gone through will help you to know the full information about the various signup offers given by Betstars.

Apart from the bonus offers there are a few other promotional offers too available. This without any doubt is one of the biggest strengths of this service provider.

Apart from offering two free bets for beginners, there are a number of promotions, and this includes a highly interesting and exciting bet and spin feature. You can choose the right promotional offer which meets your specific needs and requirements.


A Look at Spin and Bet Feature


It would be interesting to spend some more time on the spin and bet features. When you choose this option, you are given the choice of spinning the odds which you choose.

This certainly gives you the option of getting up to 10 times higher odds, and this certainly is great for customers. The promotion is relevant to all the pre-match markets, and it covers various sports including almost all football matches.


Betstars Sport


Hitting the bulls’ eye with 10 times multiplier bonus is quite low. However, the odds will certainly remain enhanced. To be eligible for the jackpot, each time one uses the spin and bet promo offers, an amount of 10% will be deducted from the stake. The maximum bet amount will also be around £100.


Betstars Mobile App and What It Offers


The list of features as mentioned above is quite impressive, and it continues to grow on a regular basis. There are limited sports markets available as of now. But care has been taken to ensure that all important sports activities have been covered. It also would be pertinent to mention here that new sports are being added continuously.

The cash out features which is an important attribute of any mobile phone based gaming application also works quite well as far as this gaming site is concerned.



The mobile application overall is extremely slick and well designed. The famous spin and bet feature can also be played and betted upon using the mobile application, and this certainly makes it quite interesting and exciting.

The football matches offered by this service provider over the phone based applications is also quite popular, and it covers around 100 bet markets which are extremely impressive, to say the least.


A Look at Live Betting


There is no denying the fact that live betting is a big strength as far as this service provider is concerned. Within a short period, they have been able to make the in-play platform as wonderful as possible.

The coverage of various events is extremely impressive, and it covers the fixtures from all around the world and at all levels. A word has to be mentioned about the infographic which according to many reviews and also many customers is quite sophisticated.


Betstars App


It is good because it comes with a lot of useful information and the best of statistical information is also available. The betting markets also take steps to match the level of confidence and offer a wide range of betting types covering almost all in-play events.

Further, the cash out function also works like a well-oiled machine and updates are made available regularly so that the players can always keep a close eye on the best price for such cash out bets.


The Best of Deposit Options


Apart from the above, it would also be pertinent to mention that when you are attached to Betstars, you can be sure that you will have at your disposal several deposit methods.

The good thing about these payment methods is that they are extremely efficient and super fast. Card owners have the advantage of using Mastercard, Visa, Electron, Amex and various other such service providers to make payments.


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