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Big Brother: Betting Odds Review

Big Brother is one of a favorite game show is one which was initiated by John de Mol. It is telecasted on television. Here in the show, the participants live in a special house which is kept away from the rest of the world until the end of the game.

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The participants are not allowed to keep any contact with the outer world. They stay in the house with the rest of the participants in the secluded house. It is said that the game of Big Brother is originally a Dutch game show.


A Brief History of the Television Show of Big Brother


Big Brother is the show which is telecasted on television which has its origin in Netherlands and was initiated by John de Mol.


Big Brother


The show needed the participants to stay in a secluded house where they are supposed to remove more than two participants from the game in the stipulated period. The participants start receiving votes from the ones who watch the show.

Generally, the game contains the participants who are celebrities, and they are supposed to stay together in the show. Here they exchange their views about various topics. The game is telecasted in television and as the game proceeds the participants get closer to each other.

The participants have to share a room with someone who is totally different in choice, taste and they have a totally different outlook on life. Precisely they are totally different from each other. It is here where the clash begins. Since each of the contestants is poles apart, they in no time start gathering reservations against each other.

The program is shown on television and ones watching the participants can see their reaction to each other. Since the participants are cut off from the rest of the world are unaware of the reaction of each other.



There is a confession room where the participants are allowed to speak, shout and even be angry about the others if they find the others reaction different.

It is also seen that at times participants start having a sweet feeling towards each other, which they can express and that even turn into a romantic involvement. The crowd watching them comes to know about the feelings. One very surprising thing is that people start betting on the participants.The Big Brother betting is very popular.


Big brother betting


Here the betting is conducted through mailers, text messages on phones. The betting is mainly on the point which is going to be eliminated at different levels and also deciding the winner.


Big Brother Betting Odds


Various bookies engage them in the betting activities, and the popular houses which conduct betting activities are the major and prime medium to bet. Any enthusiastic bidders can log into the sites of the bidding companies after they get the registration done.

The sites give the details of the previous history of the Big Brother betting shows. This helps the bidders to decide the contestants whom one can bid for. The Big Brother betting odds gives a vivid picture of the favorite contestants, and then they have the choice to go for the bidders.


Big Brother betting odds


Supposing a particular contestant has the odds of 5/2 beside the names, the number 5 stands for the maximum number of polling for the contestant. 2 stand out to the chance that this candidate might lose.

Big Brother betting odds are based on the predictable views of the chance to win the show. It is mathematically calculated and since the companies who projects the bids are renowned ones and it is expected that the odds are some way correct.

Since the trend is followed after going over the results of the previous results and the predictions, vary with the previous results. It is a very popular among the bidders. The stake they put depends on the popularity of the celebrity and the amount also varies on that basis.


Big Brother: How to Bet?


Like every year the television channel is organizing the show and all Big Brother enthusiasts are waiting eagerly for the Big Brother betting odds. The betting companies are up with probable choices, and the betting categorizes the various categories.

The categories include the best male, the best female, candidate who is going to be eliminated and even includes the first contestants who are predicted to be eliminated in the first round itself.


Big Brother betting odds 2016


Every betting company takes part in the betting activity. The Sky Vegas, Ladbrokes, Paddy power, Coral, Bet 365, Bet Victor and various other cover the show and the Big Brother betting odds is all set to go.

All one needs to do is log into the sites of the bookies after they complete the registration part and then the companies show the predictable table about the various categories like the best male, best female in the contest along with the ultimate result of the winner of the show.

The betting is based on the schedule of the show which is going to be telecasted on a particular day, date and time. These three things are very important since the betting starts one the program is aired.

The Big Brother betting is certainly going to be the highly interesting and both the participants and the persons watching them are looking forward to it. The program is the talk of the town over the countries the show is going to be telecasted.

The celebrities have the rates and odds against their name and people are already in the process of speculating about the winner of the show. The show is very popular in various countries like the UK, the US and even Australia and people are actively participating in the Big Brother betting which they have been doing over the years.

The show actually is dependent on the viewers and the bidders. The speculation which has already started predicting the various parameters reflects the popularity of the show.

The television channels receive great publicity because of the overwhelming response they get from the viewers as well as the companies who arrange the betting.


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