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Unibet UK: Online Casino Review

Unibet is counted among the largest online casino and betting sites in Europe. It offers pre-match betting, live betting, casino games, poker and bingo.

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There are more than 14.1 million customers registered through this website across 100 countries. Understanding the risks of the game, it provides a responsible gaming to its customers.


Glorious gaming with Unibet!


This bookmaking company was founded in 1997. Now, its headquarter is in Malta. It has got licenses in France, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, and the UK. Other than Malta, it has also offices in Sweden. The company has launched trustworthy and excellent plans to provide a secure and reliable platform for gaming and betting.

Unibet has 200 million pounds to provide a safe customer environment. It encouraged several organisations who do contribute in resolving gambling issues. It is also a founding member of European Gaming Association.

The trophy cabinet of Unibet is full of prestigious awards. Some of the awards, which have kept the glory of this online gaming platform alive are following:

  • Innovation of the year- EGR awards 2014

  • Sportsbook Operator of the year- IGA awards 2014

  • Best poker marketing campaign- EGR awards 2014

  • Innovation in poker- EGR awards 2014

  • Spin City – App of the year – IGA App awards 2014

  • In-Play Sports Operator of the Year – IGA Awards 2015

  • Online Sportsbook Operator of the year – IGA Awards 2015

  • Best Poker Affliate Program – IGB Affiliate Awards 2016

  • Socially Responsible Operator – IGA Awards 2016

  • Sports Betting Operator – EGR Awards 2016


Unibet: introducing PS–EDS


With the vision of being one of the major players in the international gaming market, Unibet has given the full transparency to its customers. It is keen to deliver better products and services to its customers. The satisfaction of the customers is considered to be the main goal of the organisation.

Unibet works with the motto “by players, for players”. Player Safety Early Detection System (PS-EDS) is used to keep a control and detect the gambling or gaming issues with the players in the early stages.

The gamblers are given a good counselling by the support team of the organisation to distinguish the positives and negatives of betting. Individual behaviour of the customers is analysed under PS-EDS. Accordingly, proper training is given to them to provide an entertaining experience.

Unibet UK is fully devoted to this system. Each of the gaming or betting offices in the country keeps the perks of PS-EDS system in mind. Like other offices, these also take care of the online safety of the customers.

Any suspicious activity is countered by the dedicated security team of Unibet UK. The personal details of the customers are kept safe and secure from the hackers or other cyber criminals.


A taste of pleasure with Unibet


The working of the site is made smooth to give delightful experience while gaming or betting. The cookies policy of Unibet is as per the convenience of the gamblers or other users on the site. The site experience is improved by the use of cookies within the site or that of third parties.

All the relevant services are promoted to ensure an amazing environment of gaming and betting. Unibet cookies do not store any of the personal information of the users.

The cookies used by the website are categorised as strictly necessary cookies, functional cookies and performance & targeting cookies. Some of the cookies are following:

● rememberMe     ● USESSIONID     ● realMoneyMode    ● rememberMeName
● _gali   ● Username ● timeSinceAccountCreation    ●
● Coupon   ● pi   ● isReturningUser  ● submittedForm   ● selectedGameFilter/casino
● _gat    ● campaignld  ● uniattr   ● _utmb   ● s_cc  ● s_sq

All of the above cookies have specific purposes. The site has given provisions to manage your cookies. It is strictly prohibited to change the setting of the cookies.

The instructions are provided as well, to delete and control the cookies. Different web browsers are available to provide you the necessary instructions to change the settings of the cookies. Each of the site follows specific procedures to accomplish the task.


Unibet mobile: bringing excitements


The best sports odds are available on the Unibet site. Horse racing, casino games, table games, soft games and premier league games are easily played through Unibet mobile. The excellent features are added to the app to provide live betting games smoothly.

The registration procedures are made accessible for each of the new customers. A good selection of casino game slots is made available through your mobile device. The betting becomes an easy going business or venture through Unibet. Unibet mobile covers all famous sports events with outstanding odds.

The app is available on android, windows and iOS platforms. Unibet mobile includes three kinds of apps: Unibet Sports TV Guide, Unibet Spin City and Unibet Football Stats Centre.


Unibet UK, a home of exciting adventures


The Unibet site provides exciting bonuses and promotion offers for each of its users associated with the firm. Unibet UK helps new users get registered easily with the company. The refund and return methods of the Unibet UK are said to one of its excellent services.

Payout methods in horse racing include dead heat payout, Unibet owners payout and protest payout. Each of the methods guarantees a fixed profit on racing. Odds quality is quite comprehensive. Special offers are available on the site to attract the customers.

The assured good experience with the site makes Unibet UK one of the most popular gaming platform in Europe. The local governments help to run this bookmaking platform across the globe. Not only Unibet UK, but the company offices in other countries are also providing excellent customer services.

Betting, casino games and poker games offer surprising odds and bonuses in seasonal campaigns. The employees associated with Unibet UK are solely responsible to provide hassle free service to the customers. A good training is provided to the staffs to deal with the gamblers in their adverse situations.


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