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PaddyPower Games & Online Betting

PaddyPower is the biggest, most successful, secure and reputable online bookie in Ireland. The company operates online under PaddyPower com  and has numerous chains of stores spread all over Great Britain, Ireland, and Northern Ireland.

Having been founded in 1988, after three pre-existing Irish bookmakers merged, PaddyPower Casino has taken an unconventional approach to betting. The casino took a commitment to ensuring that all its members and new customers have great value and fairness.

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Ever since then, the company has continued to grow strongly and expand its territories and as of 2010, the casino was the third largest bookmaker in the online industry and the sixth largest online gaming business in the UK and Ireland. It also had a total of 356 retail stores; 209 located in Ireland, 139 in the UK and 8 in Northern Ireland.

PaddyPower’s obligation to innovation has mainly been driven by the casino’s desire to provide all the punters with more markets, events, and platforms that they can bet on.

This way, you and the other customers at Paddy Power get a fair deal and the run for your money. This alone speaks volumes about Paddy power’s strategy in ensuring you have the best online casino services.


PaddyPower Games & Online Betting


As stated above, casino has a desire to ensuring that you have the best PaddyPower games experience. It’s for this reason, that they have various online betting services at your disposal. Some of the services are stated below.


PaddyPower Rugby Betting


At Paddy Power, the Rugby bets are valued after 80 minutes of gameplay. The game has the win market mainly, which means that you only get to win the bet if your team wins at the end of the 80 minutes.

They also have the handicap betting where you can choose the handicap points allocated to both sides. To find the handicap score, you will have to add or subtract the total points you shall have placed a bet on from the real score to find the handicap score.


  • For example, if you may place a bet of England +5 to beat South Africa at odds of 10/11. At the end of the match, the scoreline reads 18-20 in favor of South Africa. However, when you look at the handicap, England shall have won the match with 23 points, and consequently, you shall have won the bet with a £95 payout.


For some of the top rugby matches, PaddyPower Online Betting shall have alternative handicaps, which work in a similar manner to the handicap. You can as well predict on the winning margin even though this is a difficult one. In the outgoing example, South Africa has won the game by a margin of two points, which lies between 1-5 points.

PaddyPower Rugby betting also offers a wide array of try scorer bets. You have an option of choosing the player who will make the first try score, to score a try anytime, the player to score a try first for his team among others.


PaddyPower Cricket Betting


Cricket is not only an amazing way to have some fun while betting online, but it is also a way that you can make some money from the sport. This is why PaddyPower offers you numerous markets that you can bet on. This is how you can bet on cricket while accessing the PaddyPower online betting services.


1X2 Cricket Betting


This is the most common and simplest form of betting market for players at the PaddyPower online casino. In this betting, you shall simply be predicting if the home team will win (1) if there will be a draw (X) or if the away team will win (2).


Future betting with PaddyPower


Paddy Power offers you a number of cricket future betting opportunities. This means you have an opportunity of placing an outright bet on a team before tossing the coin and hope that your bet brings in some profit. The future cricket bets will come as the overall series/tournament winners or on individual games.


Cricket Proposition Betting


PaddyPower offer cricket proposition betting services throughout the cricket season. You can bet on both player and team propositions in addition to game props on One-Day internationals, test matches, and the ICC World Cup.


Paddy Power Golf Betting


Golf is considered as one of the fastest growing sport after auto racing. Consequently, more and more people are betting on golf as a sport. It is for this reason that Paddy Power online casino has the golf betting services to its members.

Basic golf betting involves choosing the winner of a given tournament. Usually, this shall be done by choosing from the 20+ golfers in the tournament.


  • For example, you may find a player such as McRlory listed as 2-1, ray listed at 25-1, Ely listed at 100-1, etc. If you happen to place a bet of £10 on McIlroy to win the tournament, and he does win the tournament, you will win £250, plus the £10 you placed as your stake.


Another common and popular form of golf bet that is placed at PaddyPower betting involves the matchup propositions.

This involves two golfers who are paired against each other in a head to head bet, with a betting line being placed on each of the golfers by Paddy Power. The golfer who has the better (lower) score will win the matchup bet.

For instance, a matchup bet may pit McIlroy (-125) against Rickie Fowler (+105). If you place a bet of £125 in favor of McIlroy, your payout would be £100 plus your original stake of £125 for a total of £225. Similarly, a bet of £100 on Rickie Fowler would give you a payout of £105 plus your initial stake of £100 giving you a total of £205.


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