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Big Bro: Bet Odds Review

Apart from sports and casino games not on Gamstop, there is no doubt that various TV shows have their own share of admirers, fans, and supporters. There are dozens of such celebrity shows and serials that are held throughout the year and each one have its own unique group of followers and supporters.

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Hence, it would be difficult to say that one show is greater than the other. However, it is a fact that some shows attract a lot of attention and the viewership is high when compared to others.


The Big Brother Show


Big Bro is one such show which has a huge following, and it is counted as one of the biggest and most popular show not only in this country but across the world.

Hence, it draws the attention from a cross-section of people. While millions watch the various episodes of Big Brother for the sheer fun, excitement, and interest, there are others who bet on this show.


Big Bro Bet


They try and guess as to who will be the winner of the show. Each year the show had its own share of excitement and 2017 will also be no different. It would, therefore, be a good idea to know more about the Big Bro bet and how it looks as far as the year 2017 is concerned.


Big Bro Bet: There Are Many Bookmakers


Given the popularity of the TV show, there are dozens of bookmakers who offer their own odds and betting amounts. Hence, it would be difficult to find out as to what exactly are the odds for various characters that are a part of the Big Bro show.

However, we will over the next few lines try and have a look at the odds for various characters based on the odds which have been gathered from some reliable bookmakers.



This list again is quite big and could range from Paddy Power to Ladbrokes, from William Hill to Betfred and much more. It will certainly go a long way to help the punters and gamblers to find out as to which way the odds are moving so that they can choose the right characters in their bid to make as much money as possible.

It would be impossible to hazard a correct guess, and at best some bit of forecast and estimation can be made on some of the favorites as far as Big Bro is concerned


A Look at History


There is no doubt that the history of Big Bro over the past many decades has been quite interesting and at times extremely exciting and unpredictable. For example, no one in 2014 could have imagined that Helen Wood with nineteen housemates would upset the apple cart and walk away with the coveted title.


Big Bro Betting


Hence, taking a cue from this and many other previous such Big Brother episodes, it would be difficult to come out with some complete and totally accurate betting odds. 

We will nonetheless have a look at the possible odds of different performers based on their reputation and of course also based on what others betters, punters and bookmakers have to say on the subject matter.


Austin Metalson


Being a professional wrestler, Austin Metalson has it in him to walk away with the Big Brother title. Further, it would be pertinent to mention here that he has quite a few well-crafted moves and trumps up his sleeve.

However, it remains to be seen if Calif, Woodland Hills, and others can force an eviction out of him. Nonetheless, he enjoys a 5/1 odd in his favor which certainly is great news for him at this specific point in time.


Audrey Middleton


With a 7/1 odd in his favor this transgendered contestant is just 25 years old. He is a digital media consultant who is firmly grounded and dos not promise to float.


Big Bro Tipsters


He is, however, bold and is ready to make the right moves to ensure that she has blood in his hands. Quite a few supporters have started liking him and therefore he worth being watched from the close quarter as far as 201 Big Bro bet is concerned.


Becky Burgess


She is a retail manager based in Denver. She firmly believes that she is aggressive in her competition. However, the proof of the pudding lies in eating. Though she may not be able to win much of friendly in the initial stages, it is quite possible that she could surprise everybody with a late burst of action and popularity.

She is that kind of character who could well and truly return from eviction in an unbelievable fashion. Here 10/1 odds are not exactly believed by many.


Shelli Poole


Being an interior designer, she certainly has the right approach by which she can easily shape a career for her by moving customers, and placing them in the right choice.


Big Bro Tips


Being 33-year-old this gorgeous native from Georgia will surely be able to make friends quite effortlessly, and this should not only help her to do well in 2017. She will in most probability go beyond 2017. Her odd of 10/1 may not be the right index of her capability and confidence to turn tables around.


John McGuire


He is far away from the scene and comes with an odd of 12/1. This dentist, who has attended dental schools, certainly knows quite a few things when it comes to handling stress.

Given the amiable nature that he possesses he could easily make a friend and per many critics this is perhaps the only thing he is capable of. The best way forward is to wait and watch.


Vanessa Rousso


This 32-year-old poker professional has amazed everybody by winning big money and this without any doubt does not happen just like that.



Therefore, when she comes in with a 12/1 odd for Big Brother, there are reasons to believe that she can make the right movement at the right time. She also will be able to make the right move at the right time. 




These are just a few, and there are many others who could also give a run for the money for the big and established participants of the Big Brother 2017 show.


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