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Sky Bet: Mobile Site

Many of us would be aware that Skybet Mobile has one of the best presence in the field of the entertainment industry. They have done this with the help of news and TV channels. However, what is making news today is their ability to move beyond entertainment.

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Today, Sky Vegas Mobile is making their presence felt aggressively in the field of online gambling. They are offering a few options to customers by allowing them to access many sites. Amongst the many such sites, it would be pertinent to mention that Skybet sports betting site are worth mentioning repeatedly.

While there could be many such sites that could be in this field, what makes them different is their ability to develop a unique app which can be used with almost all mobile devices.

The apps can be used to access almost all sites of SkyBet and therefore it would be interesting to know more about Sky Bet mobile site and find out reasons as to why they are considered as one of the most popular sites. We will over the next few paragraphs try and have a look at this app and find out more about the pros and cons, features and functions.


Sky Bet: Mobile Site


We are sure this will go a long way in helping customers to know more about the services offered by them, compare them with other such service providers and then take a call as to which is the best way forward. Let us first get started by knowing more about the pros and cons of the services which they offer.




One of the main reasons why it makes sense to go in for Sky Bet mobile app service is because of the phenomenal bonus offer. When a person bets GPB 5, he or she can be sure to receive GBP 20 as a bonus which means the newly signing up customers will be eligible for a 400% bonus offer.

This without any doubt is a big takeaway as far as this site is concerned and is perhaps the best which is available across the industry.


Sky Bet Mobi


Further, customers can also be sure that they will get the best of cross-platform links with other relevant Sky sites. The icing on the cake is the fact that it allows them to use this cross-linking facility using the free to enter bonus such as Fantasy Football and Super 6.

Additionally, they also offer a host of other daily promotions such as price boosts, and a plethora of long standing promotions are also available. These include the best of odds which the customers can be sure of getting whether it is for Irish horseracing or UK horseracing.


SkyBet Club


If you are a part of SkyBet Club and once you bet for GBP 25, you will be allowed to trigger a free bet equivalent to GBP 5 which certainly is great news for all those who are regular in their betting habits.


Sky Bet Mobile Website


Further, if you are a horse racing enthusiast, you will be allowed to bet GBP 1 or more on the race using the bet to view option using the live stream facilities.




However, there are some downsides which according to customers must be addressed as far as Sky Bet mobile website is concerned. Other than view for horse racing, no other live streaming is available. This compares poorly with other service providers who offer such facilities.



Though the app is much talked about and appreciated there are quite a few features which are not available through the same can be found on the Sky Bet Website. These include Sky Sports News Radio, Stats, and Form Pages, just to name a few.

Though the sign-up bonus looks attractive in terms of the value of money, there is a feeling that it is not the same as is offered by similar service providers across the spectrum. There are a few such sites which offer bonus offers up to GPB 200.


Good for Ongoing Punters


It would be pertinent to mention here that as far as ongoing punter are concerned, those who are in the habit of wagering more than $25 a week, there is no doubt that SkyBet offers the best ongoing value and the weekly free bet amount is GBP 5 each week if you continue to be a part of the club.


Sky Bet Mobile Site


Further, they are also famous for offering a few daily price boosts. They are also famous for offering the best odds as far as Irish and UK horse racing is concerned. It would also be pertinent to mention here that if the SP is higher than your price, you will be eligible for being paid out at much bigger odds.


The Best of Links to Super Six Comp


It is worth mentioning here that it links extremely well to Super Six Comp and the same runs every weekend. If you can predict 6 correct scores and aim at winning the jackpot of GBP 250,000 you are eligible for entering free. There is a direct link which gives you full details regarding the various promotions at any given point of time.



Though the odds which are available through SkyBet is much talked about, there are a few end users who feel that it is just middle of the road as far as specific games like football and a few others are concerned. Though the initial launches were extremely good, of late it has been found that they have scope for improvement.


Downloading Features


It would be pertinent to mention that SkyBet is available for download on IPad and IPhone. Those, who belong to the non-apple category can access the mobile version of the site which is almost the same as the one which is available in a dedicated application.

Installing and registered is also quite easy via mobile phones because of the elegant, simple and easy to use the design of the interface. However, some android users would perhaps be happy with an android specific app, and we are sure that it must be on the way.


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