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Free Football Betting Systems That Work

In this article, we are going to look at the various free football betting systems, that work and how you can make use football coupon to multiply your initial stake.

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It is for this reason that we got our teeth dug deep into some of the most popular football betting systems and gathered key information about them on your behalf.


Football Betting Systems


We have worked up a good overview of the various football betting systems so that you can have a better comprehension of the complexity of some of the strategies.

Football Betting Systems

By using some of the examples, we try to simplify some of the practices that cause a lot of confusion among the players online. Moreover, by using examples of some well-known and practiced strategies, I want to show you how much cash you can make. Enjoy reading this article.


Backing and Laying


This is one of the free football betting systems that offers a nice variety to the world of football betting.



While backing your bets are the most common ways of football betting and other sports betting where you shall be betting ON a certain outcome of an event/game with laying the bet you shall be betting on the same event and against it.


Double Chance


Double chance, abbreviated as DC, is another type of football betting systems which is particularly intriguing for more risk-averse players. When you use the double chance betting system, you shall be betting that a team can either draw or win.



For instance, when Arsenal is playing Manchester United, you may place a bet on Arsenal as Double Chance. This means that Arsenal can draw or win to give you the full winnings of the bet.

However, DC has a disadvantage of lowering the games odds. If say the odds of Arsenal winning are 2.7, DC odds will be 1.5 or lower depending on the bookmaker. The only advantage of the DC football betting system is that your chances of winning the bet are enhanced by 33%.


Handicap Football Betting Systems


This is another type of football betting systems that work and are more interesting when you anticipate a favorite team to win the bet. The clue underlying this system is that you place a bet on a team beginning with a handicap, which the team should equalize throughout the game.

Handicap Football Betting

For instance, if Arsenal is playing Manchester United and you expect a win in favor of Arsenal, you can handicap Manchester United with a goal. This means that Arsenal have to win with a margin of 2+ goals for the handicap to stand. When you place your bet through handicap, the odds will be higher than the regular FT bets.


Halftime/Full Time Bets


Abbreviated as HT/FT bets, this is a riskier form of football betting system. In this case, you shall be betting on both, the Halftime result and full time result of the match. Drawing from our previous Arsenal vs Manchester United match, you can decide to place a HT/FT bet in this form.



Given the form of these two teams, you can decide to place a draw during the break (HT) and a win on Manchester United. Therefore, your bet will be something like this. HT...Draw, FT…Manchester. The odds in this kind of bet are usually lucrative and will always exceed odds of 10 in most cases.


Multi Bet


The objective of this football betting strategy is to gain a high overall odd by having several single bets placed on a betting slip. For example, you can have multiple games added to a single betting slip.

You can add an Arsenal vs Manchester match, a Borussia vs Hannover match, a Juventus vs As Roma match, a Barcelona vs Getafe match and Gor Mahia vs AFC Leopards match to a single betting slip.



If you pick Arsenal with odds of 2, Borussia Dortmund with odds of 1.5, Juventus with odds of 1.9 and Barcelona with odds of 1.3, the total odds of your multi bet will be 7.41 as compare to a single bet of say Arsenal vs Manchester with odds of 2.

It is important to note that you increase your odds of losing the bet when you have many teams added to the betting slip. Moreover, Multi bets can also include bets from various sports. You can place a football, basketball, hockey and tennis bet all under one slip. The events in the multi bet slip can also be in different days.


Over/Under Bet


This straight forward football betting strategy is easy and straight forward to explain. In this bet, your primary objective is to figure out if a match will have more or less goals.

Over/Under Betting System

Initially, the under/over bet was primarily focused on the number of goals to be scored in a match but over time, the bet has extended to virtually anything that can be counted in a match.


  • In our example, the Arsenal vs Manchester United game is usually a tough match and over the past few seasons, there have been less than two goals scored. Therefore, it would be advisable to place a match bet on under 2.5 goals, meaning less and not more than two goals will be scored.


If, however three goals are scored, the bet shall be deemed void. Other markets that have the over and under bet include corners, yellow cards, free kicks among many other countable statistics in a match.


Full Time Bets


Full time bets are straight bets. They are the oldest and most common form of bets that the novice players understand.

Full Time Betting System

In this kind of bet, you shall be determining the final winner in the match. In our case, you can decide to choose on Arsenal as the full time winner of the match.


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