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The history of gambling is deep seated in the history of mankind. Gambling had been a much practiced for of game in China, and the form of bidding has been found as early as in the year of 2000 BC. Keno slips were much in practice in those days. Not only China gambling was even a very popular form of sport in Greece also.

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Dice had been invented in an age when the battle of Troy was fought. Various forms of dice had been uncovered from the tombs in Egypt which is said to be as old from the years of 3000 BC. A very interesting fact is that gambling was forbidden in Rome. Anybody who was found following the game was penalized heavily


Improvisation in the Form of Gambling


Days passed and gambling has seen the change in its form. By and by came the various forms of gambling and they were many:


  • The casino games and the table games

  • The Electronic games

  • Arbitrage betting



The casino games and the table games


These types of games in forms of betting with money were practiced, and it was played with the only for fun. The mobile casino consist of the popular games like Baccarat, Blackjack and Blackjack switch, the Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino Hold'em, Casino war and Chinese poker along of various card games.


The Electronic games


With the advancement in technology in the electronic media came into existence the various electronic games were initiated.




The games included Pachinko, Slot machines, the Video poker and Video bingo. Other forms of gambling included games like Bingo, Keno, Liar's poker, Basset, Lansquenet, Put and many others.

Years later gambling started getting involved in the forms various forms of sports like football, basketball, Mound ball, baseball along with various other games.


Arbitrage betting


Arbitrage betting is a form of gambling which does not include any risk and was not practiced to have any profit-making intention. At the end of the bidding the gambling enthusiasts involved in the game, would get back in the form of a prize sum. A large section of bookies and gambling companies are involved in the gambling which used to be conducted in marketplaces.


Online Betting


Much later with much improvement technology, online betting started becoming all the rage. In the year of 1994 Antigua and Barbuda issued the licenses which allowed the advent of online betting through online casinos. Software companies started inventing software which was initiated by the software organization of Isle of Man.

By 1996 the Kahnawake Gaming Commission started regulating the online gambling and started controlling and issuing the licenses for the various online casinos and for other forms of online betting organizations. Much later the technologies became more advanced, and various online betting sites came into being and gained popularity.



Along with it, many organizations stated free gambling sites to increase the huge number of people who loved to bet only for fun. The sites allowed people to play the games where they did not have to invest any money other than the registration, and so the risk factor was basically nil.

The sites go on in the process of doing extensive studies, and they anthologize the companies which offers are premium services in the free online gambling. Some of them are William Hill, Paddy Power, Bet 365 and Ladbrokes.


The company


Bet 365 is a renowned online betting company which was initiated in the year 2000 by Denise Coates in the UK. It gained the authority of the betting under the supervision of the government of Gibraltar.


Bet365Mobile Casino


Later, the company planned to have separate offices in Australia and Gibraltar. This way the company extended the wings and included various forms of sports like football, tennis, golf and along with it various casino games.


The Advent of a Complete New Form of Betting


By the end of 2013, the phone technology came into existence the various forms of smartphones and along with it betting sipped in the forms of including the various games in the mobiles.


Bet365Mobile Games


The software companies started developing various programs which supported the games. So gradually by the December 2013, the smartphones became the service providers of the casino games as well as the other forms of games which were included in the platforms of betting.




The various bookies or the companies went ahead to make the customized programs which could support the games and 365 Bet App were one of them. The company came up with software which could be downloaded in the smartphones like the advanced version of android phones and iPhones.

Every possible game like cricket, soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, horse racing and other casino games were made easy and put in a package format.



The company needed the customers to download the application and create an account with the company. Once the account is created the company asked for the registration.

Bet365Mobile enabled the betting enthusiast to log in to the site and get all the necessary for the gambling. The schedules of the games which were lined up for the tournament, the names of the players, various odds and all other valid and important information were fed in the program.

Any person, who could handle a smartphone now can log in to the site for a pleasurable experience in gambling. The Bet365Mobile also allows the person to earn bonus points which could add up to the prize amount.


Bet365Mobile Bonus


In a way, this is a type of promotion which is being encouraged so that people to engage in the gambling or gaming activities through the mobiles. This is immensely liked by the ones who use smartphone since they can include an extra amount for various tournaments as well as the line-up matches.

The lucrative ad on money is pulling in a whole lot of people to operate from the mobiles to enjoy the games earning extra money from the use of the mobile applications.


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