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One of the most frequently asked questions whenever I am online with some friends is about matched betting calculator while using free bets, and if it is actually possible to make any decent profit from it. Although the answer to this is yes, it is one practice that I usually try dissuading players and friends from engaging themselves in.

In my view as an experienced online casino player, the returns that you get from matched betting isn’t really worth the effort that you put in. Like I have said, this is one sector that most of the people from all over the world are interested in and I thought it would be wise if I wrote a matched betting guide.

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If you aren’t well familiar with the matched betting, you shouldn’t worry. I am going to elaborate everything that you need to know so that you can start matching your bets. Additionally, I will give you a matched betting guide that will see you get a guaranteed profit.

It is important to note that this article is primarily targeting British and Irish players who always receive free bonuses and cash whenever they sign up at various sites.

If you happen to be from another country, you can still be able to follow the guidelines stipulated in this article but it will depend on the sign up bonuses that you will be offered at the various betting sites.


Matched Betting Guide


Matched Betting is a betting system where you bet on both sides of the likely outcome of the event, i.e., placing a bet that the event will happen and that it will also fail to happen. The most common example of matched betting is placing a bet on a soccer team to win and then placing another bet on the same team that it will not win.

Weird, right? To most of the players or people online, this may not make sense but in actual reality, this is a way used to make a guaranteed profit once you place your bets properly. To have an effective matched bet, you should make use of the free bets that have been offered by the various online casinos and bookmakers.

These bets are usually offered to you as incentives so that you can open an account with the various online casinos, and technically, the free bets aren’t really “free” per say as they involve you risking some of your cash to meet the wagering requirements. However, with Matched betting, you can eliminate the element of risk and make some cash from it.


What do you need to do to match a bet?


In this Matched Betting guide, I am going to try and simplify it as much as I can instead of going into too much details. I’m also going to use real life scenarios to help you figure out how matched bets usually work.


Step #1 – Sign up with an online casino that has free bets offer


To begin with matched betting, you will be required to look for an online casino website that has free bet offers. Note that you have to ensure that it’s an online casino website that you haven’t opened an account with.

In our case, we are going to use William Hill Online casino. At the site, you are entitled to a £10 free bets once you make an initial deposit of £10.


Step #2 – Place your First Bet


Once you are done, you will now be required to place your £10 bet so that you can qualify for the free bets. In the bet section, choose your casino match that you would want to place your bet and place the bet.

If for example Arsenal are playing Manchester United, bet on Arsenal to win the match say at odds of 2.15. Once you place your bet, the potential returns will be £21.50 including your initial stake. At this point, you are going to win £11.50 if Arsenal win and lose £10 if they lose to Manchester United. 


Step #3 – Lay the Same Bet


This is the step that you need to ensure that you have followed closely as it involves laying the bet that you just placed. When you lay the bet, you shall be acting like the bookmaker. You shall be taking the bet at agreed odds and taking the full responsibility in the case that the bet wins, but losing your initial stake suppose the bet loses.

In the case of Arsenal vs Manchester United, you will stand to lose some money if they win and you had laid the bet. What you shall be doing when laying the bet is that you will be betting against Arsenal to win


Step #4 – Making Use of the Free Bets


In Matched Betting, the whole idea is to utilize the above method of betting on a given outcome and then laying on the same outcome on the exchange, but making use of the free bets that the online casino has offered you. It is from this free bets that you can make the guaranteed profits.

You will now have to go online and find a similar scenario to Arsenal vs Manchester United. You can then make use of your free bets with online casinos such as William Hill on the results of these different matches, then you lay a smaller amount of money. Whatever the result, you are guaranteed to make some amount of money from the bets


Is Matched Betting really worth the effort?


In the matched betting guide that you’ve just read, I have deliberately kept things at the simplest level, but if you’d like to know more on Matched Betting, why not download the matched betting guide pdf from various websites.

The matched betting guide pdf will have an in-depth analysis of Matched Betting with practical images as well as links to various videos on the same.


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