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VictorChandler: Betting & Online Casino Review

There is today literally thousands of online betting outlets and bookies, and, therefore, it is naturally a tough job choosing the right service provider.

While some have entered the market quite recently, there are many who have been around for the past many years. Hence, it would be interesting to have a look at a name that has been there for the past many decades.

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It is BetVictor, and their origin goes back to 1925, and, therefore, they have been around for almost 92 years now. The VictorChandler Company came into being only in 1946, but it was operative in some other names since 1925. However, it would be pertinent to mention that it was only during 1963 that the service provider started focusing on gaming and betting.

This was because it was in 1963 that betting started becoming legal in the United Kingdom. Since, then it has grown and today many of them from being known as VictorChandler today they are referred to as BetVictor.

Over the years, they have grown quite confidently, and today they are considered as one of the largest operators in the sports betting and for offering some of the finest online casino games.


What Are Their Strengths?


Today VictorChandler has more than half a million players, and it has its presence in 160 countries. Therefore, the company today has become a big name to reckon with.



There are many reasons for this. First and foremost, the BetVictor website is stylish but at the same time quite simple. The details are nicely presented which provide for quick navigation.

They also help in easy and efficient navigation, and they take care that they maintain a design which is appealing and interesting. It has two separate sections which players could choose to enjoy the games and to bet fully possible.


VictorChandler Sports Category


The first is the sports category it is basically the bookmaker parts of the company. This section has access to various types of sports covering almost all major countries and areas of the world.

The second section is the casino one where customers can get to play a host of gambling games, slots, tables, and games. The best thing is that they have games from different developers and therefore they can create a list of more than 600 types and titles of games.




The best thing is the collection which they offer have to be seen to be believed. They also offer full instant play facilities and the best of mobile gaming options both online and downloadable.

They have been offering these online games since 2000. The online casinos are extremely popular because of the simple reason that they come both in downloadable as well as direct play.


A Look at Their Sportsbook Features


They also have an impressive and highly popular size of sportsbook features which certainly is highly popular amongst thousands of gaming enthusiasts.

They also have special learning and instruction tools for casino players which certainly go it quite a big hit with players who are online to gamble in the various casino games and make money out of it.

It would also be pertinent to mention here that they have been around since 2000 and, therefore, have gained expertise and expertise when it comes to offering the best possible options to their customers.


A Look at the Sports Page


As far as the sports page is concerned, VictorChandler is known for its clean layout. This gives it a chance to shine, and everything is extremely well organized. This allows the gamblers to easily and speedily identify their preferred sport and events and then place the bets. It also has a facility in which the most popular links get featured separately on the top.



However, care has been taken to ensure that the left side is quite long enough to take care of the big sports that are played in the world. Some sports like horse racing and tennis are the favorites for the players, and, therefore, these selected bets will always appear on the right-hand side position.


VictorChandler In-Play Betting


It also would be pertinent to mention here that they also provide in play betting for various sporting activities. However, the design features go through some basic change and they come with a darker theme. This makes it almost same to other online sportsbooks which are available in the market today.


VictorChandler App


Apart from many real sports choices, it also would be pertinent to mention that VictorChandler also offers virtual betting for dog racing, greyhound racing, horse racing, football, cricket and a host of other games too. Hence, it would be pertinent to mention that they offer some of the best choices of sports betting.


Information on Sports and Odds


The kind of information which available for sports betters has a big role to play in defining the popularity of the respective website.

Hence, let us look at the kind of information that is available with VictorChandler. They have some of the best information in terms of the history of various teams, the main players, and their track record over various grounds and places and so on.

In the case of horse racing, they provide the best possible information which covers the complete history of the horses, the number of events taken part, the number of times it has secured first position or other places (2nd and 3rd).



It also will share information about the odds against or in favor of the horses. There also will be information about the trainers, jockeys and perhaps even owners.

When it comes to cricket, soccer, golf and other sports, here also the customers will certainly get a lot of useful and pertinent information which will go a long way in making them one of the best sports betting sites not only in the country but also across the world.




When we consider all the above factors and then decide on the overall performance of VictorChandler there is the only way in which their services can be described. It is of the highest quality offering good value for money to customers.


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